Volunteer Spotlight: Carlotta Werner

Carlotta Werner, Naressa Ann Allen Award

Carlotta Werner receives second annual “Naressa Ann Allen Award (NAA Award) . . . When we lost our Director of Operations, in Aug. 2018, we knew that we wanted to honor her and her love of ASW. We decided to recognize a volunteer, for their support and dedication to ASW, each year at our Annual Children’s Christmas Party. The 2019 recipient, for the NAA award’s second year, was Carlotta Werner.

Carlotta has been a long, long time ASW volunteer. She started when her employer, Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane, was asked if any of their employees would be interested in volunteering at the ASW Annual Children’s Christmas Party. She volunteered to help with the crafts, became chair of the committee a few years later, and has chaired the committee since.

She has always enjoyed crafting, and loves finding fun crafts that fit the theme of the party and that are appropriate for children of all age groups. Carlotta donates many of the materials used in the crafts each year.  She has a passion for helping the children with the crafts, and states, “The kids always get so excited then they finish a craft, and I love the smiles on their faces.”

Thank you, Carlotta, for sharing your time, talents and treasures with our “special” children!